DR. ERIKA FOUNTAIN is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Human Development and Public Policy from Georgetown University. In her work she uses both quantitative and qualitative methods and takes an interdisciplinary approach to examine how adolescents and their families navigate the justice system. Specifically, she incorporates developmental and community psychology, law, and public policy to answer questions about legal decision making, court process, and attorney-client-family relationships. Additionally, Dr. Fountain’s work explores how developmental science is used in developing evidence-based juvenile justice policy.

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MARGARET DOVER, B.S., is a recent graduate from UMBC earning a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a minor in sociology. Some of her research interests include wrongful conviction cases, interrogation, prosecutorial power and decision making, plea bargaining, and the rampant inequality in the criminal justice system. In her free time she enjoys hiking, listening to too many podcasts, hanging out with her two dogs, and passionately watching baseball and hockey games.


DANIELA LOEHNDORF is a senior at UMBC pursuing Bachelor of Arts degrees in psychology and Global Studies with a minor in sociology. She is interested in child/adolescent psychology and legal psychology. Specifically, some of her research interests include barriers to the completion of juvenile probation, juvenile legal decision making, treatment approaches to juvenile rehabilitation, and interrogation. In addition, she also has an interest in severe mental disorders in children and adolescents, including psychotic and personality disorders. During her leisure time, she loves researching about new travel destinations, exploring and experiencing new cultures, discovering breathtaking hiking trails, and chasing down waterfalls.